Traineeships in practice: A case study

New research has shown how effective traineeships can be – for both employers and employees. At Swatpro we’ve long known the benefits accrued from the traineeship schemes run by our experienced, accredited training partners.

Traineeships in practice: A case study

Unlocking Apprenticeships

At Swatpro we like to talk about how we can “unlock” Apprenticeships: explain how they work; help you set them up; put you in touch with the right training partner, help you manage your chosen Apprenticeship– and get the most out of it.

About Swatpro: why work with us?

Why come to us when there are many other providers? We are not only experienced professionals in the training business, but we have trained many thousands of professionals: People who are now enjoying good careers and making a difference.

Apprenticeships - don't fear the 20% rule

Many employers are concerned at requirements apprentices must spend one-fifth of their employed time on “off-the-job training”. Swatpro partner Jim Whittaker of Channel Training Ltd explains that this need not be onerous