Supply chain (sub-contractor) retained funding and charges policy - 2022/23

Swatpro is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. We are a partnership of established training providers and employers. This enables the partnership to deliver the highest levels of support, expertise and opportunity to all our learners, business customers and members, with the security and economy of scale that comes from working together.

Funding is retained by Swatpro as a % of the government funding received. The funding covers the costs of Swatpro delivering the appropriate learning, the lead provider responsibilities and fund cross partnership tools, systems and support required to deliver a successful and high-quality apprenticeship or learning programme. The objective is to reduce the funding retained as the Swatpro partnership grows as costs will not increase in proportion with the addition of partners, allowing more funding to flow to partner providers for the provision of learning and skills, while maintaining an appropriately sized model that maintains optimum functionality and quality.

The retained funding level is fixed at 10% for 2022/23 and as in 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21 if a surplus above the level of required surplus determined by the Board is achieved it is used to implement investment in resources or facilities to improve the Swatpro delivery, fund cross partnership development to support quality provision agreed by the board and the remaining surplus will be distributed to subcontractors based on the percentage of the overall funding they have received from Swatpro in year, ensuring funding is being targeted at education and learning. This reduces the overall service fee, in 2018/19 reduced to 8.7% and in 2019/20, 2020/21 and 2021/22 reduced to 9%.

The sub-contracting agreement is determined on a basis based on the length and timing of contracts and agreement with funding bodies based on due diligence, quality, financial assessment, and performance. The performance management of quality improvement and compliance is continuously monitored and supported throughout the year. The payment terms, rates and funding triggers are set out in detail in a contract agreed on an annual basis. Payment terms are 30 days following Swatpro receipt of the funding. The specific details of the services provided by each party are agreed at the start of each contract year in a Service Level Agreement.

The services provided by Swatpro are:

  • Delivery of the appropriate learning to support the Apprenticeship or other learning programme.
  • Support from a Quality Improvement Manager through the performance and quality improvement management process.
  • Support from a Management Information and Compliance Manager through the MI and compliance management process.
  • Supply of an online Management Information System for members to enter ILR data. The system provides real time learner data and information and real time performance and contract management reports.
  • Supply and maintenance of a virtual learning environment for all learners and staff.
  • Monthly contract management and finance reports to support the member’s business management.
  • Monthly performance reports to support performance management and improvement.
  • Supply of an English & mathematics initial assessment and diagnostic tool.
  • Online learner, employer and staff satisfaction surveys are run continuously, and members receive analysed reports to support improvements.
  • Member promotion and representation on the Swatpro website and social media.
  • A quarterly membership meeting that includes information updates, new curriculum developments and policy changes. This also supports sharing of good practice and partnership development.
  • A quarterly Quality Improvement Team meeting to develop systems and processes to support quality improvement, consult on the development of the Swatpro QI monitoring and support and facilitate sharing of good practice and resources.
  • Support for SAR and QIP development and implementation.
  • Interface with funding organisations for contract negotiations, growth cases and contract variations.
  • Allocation and performance monitoring of funding allocations.
  • Prompt payment and funding reconciliation.
  • Support for and aggregation of quality self-assessment and development plans.
  • Moderation of teaching and learning observations.
  • An internal assurance programme for quality improvement and financial assurance management and compliance.

All of the above services are provided from the 10% funding retained.

This policy is subject to annual review and is available on our website. This policy is for the academic year ending July 2023.

Approved and signed by the Directors and the partnership Board:

Approved and signed by the Directors and the partnership Board:

Craig Marshall

Rod Davis

Chief Executive