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Step on the Springboard to Hospitality Success

The Hospitality Industry: an economic sector comprised of many strands, but of particular importance to the South-West.

As such, it’s unsurprising that one of the region’s leading providers of training in the sector is offering an Apprenticeship Standard that offer newcomers into the industry their first step on the career ladder to success.

Jenny Scott of Swatpro Academy sees the Level 2 Hospitality Team Member apprenticeship as the beginning of a journey that can take people from being a staff member, to a supervisor and ultimately management.

“It gives a very clear insight into what hospitality means,” she explains.

“Lots of people come to work in the sector and get a basic background in customer service, but they find the apprenticeship is a real eye-opener in getting that deeper understanding of what is involved,” she adds.

The training includes such elements as understanding customer profiling, connecting with target audiences, building brand standards, meeting and exceeding customer expectations and understanding the vision, values and mission of their employers.

There is work as well to understand the financial side of businesses, for example in saving waste and duplication, as well as an understanding of the importance of presentation and punctuality.

Jenny notes: “It’s a great course for people starting off in a job, maybe fresh from school, as it really gives them a grounding. Apprentices see the opportunities available to them if they want them. It’s a perfect springboard to progress.

“And the great thing is it is multi-discipline. The same lessons on hospitality are applicable in many different workplaces.”

Hotel workers, kitchen workers, bar staff, baristas, receptionists and many more occupations have all benefited from this apprenticeship, she continues.

“The modules are very flexible and apply even when learners change job roles in hospitality,” she adds.

Help with English and Maths is available as part of the 12-month course, which can be especially useful in a sector that employs many migrant workers.

For Jenny, who had a long career in the hospitality sector, seeing young trainees progress is very satisfying.

“I really like being able to use my experience to help others. Apprentices are very enthusiastic, and you literally see them grow into the role.

“And employers like the training as it shows commitment and gives their workers the skills to be a very successful team member.”

Step on the Springboard to Hospitality Success