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Hudson training – a study in caring and Swatpro sharing expertise

Strength through partnership: it’s what Swatpro is all about. And it’s an approach that has been developed with its partners in the same way that those partners have developed training plans to closely match the needs of their clients.

Neil Young is managing director of Taunton-based Swatpro partner, Hudson Training: a leading training provider in the adult health and social care sector.

Neil says Swatpro membership has given his company more than one advantage. “Swatpro has helped and supported Hudson Training with practical issues, such as standards and compliance issues.

“Of the utmost importance are the things not so easily seen - such as the shared best practice of this very supportive working partnership.

“I believe the combined and shared approach creates an environment of high standards and targets.” He continues:

“One example of this is the combined goal of achieving a grade of outstanding at our next OFSTED inspection. Whilst this goal is of course a minimum expectation for any training or education provider, I believe the strengths Swatpro offer make it likely this will be achieved.”

The experienced approach of Hudson, combined with the help and support of the Swatpro network, has been winning rave reviews from individual learners and corporate clients alike. Becky who has been studying for Functional Skills Maths level 2 says Hudson’s training means it is onwards and upwards with her life. She struggled with the subject at school, but coming fresh to it via Hudson Training she found “everything was explained to me so much better”.

After 4 lessons, she has taken her exam and now has added confidence to discuss her son’s maths homework as well as having the platform to potentially fulfil an ambition to train to become a paramedic. “I’d recommend anyone to come here,” she says of Hudson Training.

A corporate client, Justin of Butterfields Home Care Services is equally enthusiastic. He says Hudson “shares its passion” for good care practice with the staff he sends there. The training firm provides Butterfields’ staff with a range of taught courses as well as apprenticeships. The flexibility provided by its new e-learning portal is much appreciated.

“The feedback we get is always positive,” Justin notes. “Learners are always treated with the human touch, and [Hudson’s] sole focus on healthcare means there are not other subjects clouding matters!”

“Above all, they like the flexibility of the training. Not always having to travel to classrooms.”

Justin says he likes staff with not just the ability to do a job, but those with the right attitude and behaviour. That’s an approach Hudson endorse.

“It’s getting better and better. I really recommend them,” he concludes.
Hudson training – a study in caring and Swatpro sharing expertise