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Spotlight on Swatpro network training partner: F-TEC

A visit to Swindon, a bustling commercial hub of Wiltshire, brings you to the sizeable premises of F-TEC. The firm is an industry leader in providing training for the forklift truck and powered access sector. It operates from a 10,000 square foot centre containing three fully equipped training rooms and two large diagnostic workshops areas.

F-TEC’s name is an acronym for Forklift Training Engineering Centre and it comes as no surprise to learn the company was formed by the forklift industry itself. Its key stakeholders are the British Industrial Truck Association (BITA) and the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA).

All employers working with F-TEC are members of the above associations, giving the trainers a unique bond with the industry it works in.

“We get total support from the employers within the sector because they are our members.” Says F-TEC Customer Account Executive Katherine Roberts.

“Our watchword is ‘training by the industry, for the industry,” she adds.

F-TEC offer intermediate and advanced Apprenticeships in maintenance and repair, as well as Higher (level 4) in diagnostics. There are also skills development courses for experienced, qualified engineers. It’s a burgeoning field, and they’ve trained both novice and experienced operators from companies small and large across the UK.

The industry-based approach has paid dividends for learners as well as employers, and F-TEC are proud of their trainees’ success at the FLTA Apprentice of the Year Awards, as well as the first graduation of 8 engineers on the level 4 programme.

At the forefront of new developments, the firm has been instrumental in the creation of the Forklift Engineer Trailblazer standard, enhancing the industry’s training offer in line with government guidelines.

So, what do employers make of F-TEC?

“They enjoy and respect what the training brings, appreciate excellent communication between all parties, and praise our excellent facilities – oh, and the food here!” says Katherine.

F-TEC is one of many niche industry specialist partners working with Swatpro and Katherine notes that this brings significant benefits:

“Swatpro is the sum of its parts – there is a strength in partnership. And just as strength is to the advantage of a forklift, so it is in the world of training".
Spotlight on Swatpro network training partner:  F-TEC