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Swatpro: We've got specialist training covered

Today’s economy demands a workforce with specific knowledge, skills and motivation. That’s where Swatpro comes in.

We provide industry and business training, ranging from building craft trades, to accountancy and book-keeping, to animal welfare, and catering skills.Our training includes outdoor activity instructors to social and nursing care providers, IT specialists and Forklift engineering.For our full list of training, check our website.

Why does Swatpro work? Because we share best practice across our training partners, learning from each other and that makes us stronger in partnership.

All our partners achieve the highest standards and are at the forefront of their fields: developing new qualifications with industry bodies and implementing new training practises.

For employers and employees, the regulations around apprenticeships and training can seem like a foreign language. Swatpro provide the translation and take the stress out of appointing new trainees and apprentices or upskilling existing employees.

Fundamental to the approach is tailoring training to specific needs, rather than imparting one-size-fits-all qualifications.

Our philosophy is that learners need to be equipped with real skills required in the work place, as well as support to put that knowledge into practice.

This holistic, ear-to-the-ground approach has helped our training partners develop the kind of empirical training courses that are laser-guided for today’s job market.

It’s also taken many thousands of people on a satisfying career path, often one far in excess of the one they believed they’d achieve when they left school.

We are so proud our partners are not just the South-West’s but some of the country’s best training providers. Let us help you move your skillset into the future.

Contact us now via our website.

Swatpro: We've got specialist training covered