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Apprenticeship courses fit for a king, in Kingsbridge

The Crabshell Inn in Kingsbridge, south Devon, is a familiar location to Swatpro Academy’s culinary training expert, Del Anning.

He currently is tutoring and mentoring three apprentices at the popular and award-wining South Hams dining venue. A fourth apprentice from the Crabshell, George Durdey, completed his course in January and now works as a head chef in Birmingham.

The apprentices are supervised by the Crabshell’s owner, Simon Harrow, and trained day-to-day by head chef Gareth Head.

Gareth tells us why apprentices, and working with regional training specialists Swatpro Academy, have benefited the business.

“We have always struggled to find chefs in the South Hams, but through an apprenticeship programme we have now for the last few years been able to get students trained up to be confident and competent chefs.

“The fact they do it at the same time as one another helps bring the team together to get them through the qualification together.

“In return, we get a commitment out of the apprentices with a job opportunity at the end of it.

“Del has been great in delivering the more theory-based sessions to the apprentices, he has been either in the workplace teaching them, or on zoom taking them through their folders.

“As an employer, I had never undertaken an apprentice program like this before; Del has been great in helping me deliver the practical lessons, as well as providing me with a detailed outline of what is required from myself to help the apprentices complete the course.

“I would highly recommend the apprenticeship scheme with Del from Swatpro for all kitchens that are actively looking to improve the skill set of their staff and to help them grow.

“With Del’s assistance, the process is very rewarding for both the employer and employee.”

Apprenticeship courses fit for a king, in Kingsbridge