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Five apprentices ensure Millbrook’s still a place to go

All across the South-West businesses are bouncing back - with the help of Swatpro Academy and new incentives for recruiting apprentices.

The Millbrook Inn in South Pool, Devon, was one business that had worked with Trainer/Assessor Del Anning (of Swatpro Academy) for a number of years, but seemed at risk when the first national lockdown left it tenantless and shuttered.

Step forward Charlie Brooking, a new General Manager who re-opened the Millbrook in August with a new team and an ambition to not only keep the high standards that the award-winning pub was noted for in the past, but to surpass them.

“It’s a pleasure to work with Charlie again who I’ve known for many, many years and who did his original apprenticeship with me – and also Dave Gobbett, the Head Chef, who I also assisted at the start of his career,” says Swatpro Academy’s Del.

“Charlie and Dave know the value of an apprenticeship and they were eager to get the new team off the ground with the skills that will make them stand out.”

An added incentive was the government’s new cash grants to those taking on apprentices. Businesses can receive £3,000 for the youngest apprentices, £2,000 for those aged 18-24 and £1,500 for those 25 and above. The scheme runs until the end of March.

At the Millbrook Inn, the majority of the staff, five people, are undertaking apprenticeships with Swatpro Academy; upskilling the workforce as well as providing useful training investment for the pub/restaurant.

“It’s a fabulous place, creating wonderful award-winning food. Always a pleasure to visit, for work or in my leisure time,” Del notes with a smile.

“I expect very good things from these apprentices. All are very keen to go forward and achieve at the highest level.”

He adds, “The employer incentive for hiring apprentices has come at a much-needed time for a hospitality industry rebuilding after two total lockdowns and other restrictions.”

To talk to Swatpro Academy about taking advantage of the funding for hiring an apprentice call 01392 437659.
Five apprentices ensure Millbrook’s still a place to go