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No let up in learning for Dan

This week we are celebrating Swatpro's 10th year anniversary by showcasing the achievements of our training network partners.

Swatpro Academy specialises in apprenticeships and job training for the Hospitality and Catering industry, digital roles both within the traditional Digital and IT Sector, Business Admin, Customer Service and Leadership and Management and Engineering.

Dan Tromans works for Plymouth-based letting agency Martin & Co and he has recently achieved his Level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship with a Distinction. Here's Dan's success story:

After leaving full-time education Dan Tromans worked as a waiter, which was fine, but not the direction he saw his future in.

“I’d always thought a job in business would suit me, and my apprenticeship opened the door to that ambition,” he says.

Like many young people undertaking an apprenticeship tutored and assessed by Swatpro Academy, Dan found earning while he was learning was a winning combination – and he has excelled at his job.

This June, he finished his Level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship with a Distinction, and he has already been given a continuing full-time contract by his employers, Plymouth-based letting agency Martin & Co.

“I think one of the most important things an apprenticeship does is it gives you confidence,” Dan notes.

“You are taught all aspects of business administration and get to know best practice. It makes you aware of how to operate in the environment you’re in.”

Like all courses mentored by Swatpro Academy, Dan’s apprenticeship was shaped to fit his needs and those of his employers – and like all recent learners, the Pandemic.

Dan and his business skills tutor Stacy Harrall-Phillips kept in touch via Zoom meetings and remote learning.

“We were able to keep the course on target and get all the modules done,” Dan recalls.

“It was daunting at first, but you soon get in the swing of it.”

Dan’s letting management team worked throughout the lockdowns, and since restrictions have been lifted, he says demand has gone “bananas” and business is booming.

So how does he assess his apprenticeship?

“It gave me the skills I need to be a letting manager,” he concludes.

“If you’re serious about a career in business, I’d say ‘go for it’!”

No let up in learning for Dan