F-Tec Forklift Training Engineering Centre F-Tec Forklift Training Engineering Centre

F-Tec Limited (Forklift Engineering Training Centre) was formed in April 2014 by the industry associations to provide the industry with pure lift truck training for apprentices within the MHE industry.

F-Tec provides the industry with a dedicated training centre to deliver training that is only Materials Handling related, concentrating on offering quality and relevant qualifications to the whole industry, from sole trader operations to manufacturers and for each apprentice to be treated the same and have the same chance to succeed.

Since 2014, F-Tec has grown at its location in Swindon, to provide training to both apprentices and to already qualified engineers, offering technical and softer skilled courses to raise the existing engineers’ knowledge, skill, and competence base.

F-Tec is the only Fork Lift Truck (FLT) accredited training centre for the industry, we have over 170 apprentices on programmes across Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4. We also offer over 15 different technical short courses that companies use to further develop engineers’ knowledge. We continually strive to provide the industry with training that will enhance their staff and we have set up regular technical working groups to provide a forum for the industry to come together in one place and for us to take on board ideas for training.

Being a dedicated fork lift truck training centre has many advantages, it means that we can react quickly, and we feel that this is a very important factor.

Unit 17 Ash
Kembrey Park