How Swatpro can support you

Swatpro and its partners will help you to:

Identify the correct program and Apprenticeship for you. We are accredited to deliver MATRIX accredited Information Advice and Guidance to help you make the right choices and direct you to alternatives such as a college course or alternative training provider if this is better for you.

The Advice and Guidance is provided right throughout your learning and will help you make the right choice for your chosen career path and can support you in your next steps after completion of your training.

We can help you apply for an advertised apprenticeship CLICK HERE FOR VACANCIES.

If you feel confident to apply for an advertised apprenticeship vacancy, then click on the link above. If you find a suitable vacancy, then follow the application process.

1. Before you arrive

Please switch off your mobile phone! Only you can get the apprenticeship, so put yourself first and turn off your phone. Everyone else can wait.

Please throw away any chewing gum before you arrive. Nothing more embarrassing than having to ask to place it in their waste basket! Remember, chewing gum during an interview is showing the person interviewing you that you haven’t prepared and are not really taking your interview seriously.

2. Arrive on time

Plan to arrive 10mins early and always plan that something may delay you. So be prepared give yourself even more time to get to the location. Oh! An obvious thought, but one that gets many people unstuck. Is check where you must be; don’t assume the location. They may interview somewhere else. Then check out your route to get there. If driving check where you can park; do not assume there is parking for you.

3. Dress smartly

Always dress in your best clothes. If you don’t have a suit, don’t worry, it’s not essential. A plain ironed shirt, trousers and nicely polished shoes will do just fine (never trainers!) For bonus points, wear a tie; or a smart dress or shirt and blouse/jumper.

4. Make eye contact

Even if you’re a nervous wreck inside, your interviewer doesn’t have to know that. There are plenty of tricks to feign confidence – firm handshake, sitting up straight, speaking clearly – but none as important as making eye contact with your interviewer when speaking. Look at the floor and you’ll come across as shifty and insincere. Gaze out of the window and you’ll give the impression that you’re not interested in the apprenticeship and would rather be somewhere else. Look your interviewer straight in the eye – show them you are interested!

5. Show enthusiasm and be prepared

Be prepared for this question: “Why do you want to do this apprenticeship?” This is your chance to shine above everyone else who is asked this question. The interviewer will want to know why you want to do the apprenticeship and why you want to do it with them. Show them your passion in the topic; if for example it is a chef apprenticeship, do you cook at home; what have you cooked; how does it make you feel when you cook; do you taste your food? Why do you think you would like to work in a professional kitchen and why do you want to train with them? What is it about them you really like?

Try and think about the job and the company and blow them away with your enthusiasm. Then when you have answered their questions, turn the questions on to them and ask them about the job.

Be prepared and think of lots of answers and questions too

So, in summary: Plan how you’re getting there, what clothes you’re going to wear, what questions you’re going to ask. If you’re going for an interview with an employer, go online and do some research into the company. You’ll get a stack of brownie points if you can show that you already know a thing or two about the company. Don’t leave prep work till the last minute either; do it the day before so you aren’t rushing around at the last minute, creating unnecessary stress.

Find a suitable employer

If you are unable to find an apprenticeship vacancy, or if you don’t feel confident to apply quite yet. DO NOT give up; instead speak to one of the Swatpro partners who will support you to find an apprenticeship and prepare for the interview.

Following your application, you will either start work and commence your apprenticeship or if unsuccessful, apply for further apprenticeships or take a look at: