Swatpro Customer Service Charter

Swatpro is a not-for-profit training provider offering funded and commercial training to businesses and individuals, through its member partners. Primarily focusing on apprenticeships, support for the unemployed, Advanced Learner Loans, bespoke consultancy and commercial courses.

Our customer experience vision is:

Through the strength of our partnership we continuously improve our customer experience on the journey for excellence.

Right treatment

You can trust us to:

  • consult and listen
  • do what we say we will do
  • be helpful, polite, and treat you fairly and with respect
  • guide and support you to access our services
  • make necessary improvements where necessary
  • be open and realistic about what we can and cannot do
  • tell you what to do next if you’re not satisfied with how you’ve been treated
  • protect your personal information (our privacy-policy tells you more)

Getting it right

We will:

  • understand your needs and ensure you understand ours, so together we can deliver efficiently and effectively
  • communicate with you on a regular basis in a clear and accurate way
  • keep your needs reviewed and at the heart of everything we do
  • work with you to ensure timely achievements
  • share learning across our member partners to increase efficiency and effectiveness of our services
  • say sorry and put it right if we make a mistake (contact feedback@swatpro.org.uk if you have any complaints)
  • use your feedback to improve how we do things

Keeping you informed

We will:

  • deal with your inquiry within 24 hours
  • tell you what will happen next, by when and by whom
  • keep you updated of progress

Easy access

We will:

  • make our services as accessible as possible
  • arrange appointments to maximise business productivity

In return, we need you to:

  • give us the correct information at the right time
  • tell us when something changes
  • be on time for any appointments
  • treat our staff with respect