Swatpro Social Values Statement


Swatpro is a not-for-profit organisation, that firmly believes in promoting positive social change and fostering a more inclusive society through a safe and supportive learning environment. We value empathy, respect, integrity and collaborative working to achieve success.

COVID-19 Recovery

Swatpro recognises that it has a part to play in the economic recovery of the region following on from the COVID pandemic. Governments are likely to evaluate and deploy a combination of the following interventions to support economic recovery.

  1. Increasing investment
  2. Increasing revenue
  3. Reducing cost
  4. Encouraging innovation
  5. Supporting workforce readiness

Supporting workforce readiness

Our training provision aims to support the COVID recovery plans through facilitating upskilling and reskilling programmes (e.g., for managerial skills, digital platforms and new health and social care expertise).

We utilise a blended learning approach which can help alleviate some learner’s anxiety regarding traditional classroom-based activities. We make use of remote learning, online training sessions and workplace sessions to ensure that learners are supported to achieve in a safe environment, which is closely linked to their job role.

Tackling Economic Inequality

We strive to deliver appropriate learning solutions for employers and learners, in line with locally identified skills requirements. We recognise that social standing does not signify one’s potential and work with our learners, from whatever background, to build significant vocational and personal knowledge, skills and behaviours on their journey to success.

Our programmes aid employment opportunities, particularly for those who face employment barriers as well as those from deprived communities. We are particularly focused on the adult health care sector in the South West as there is a high demand for skilled staff to care for an aging population.

Through our training provision, including apprenticeships, advanced learner loans and commercial activities, we are addressing the skills gaps in the region. We provide industry recognised qualifications to learners looking to progress in their chosen career, whilst supporting local businesses and organisations.

Fighting Climate Change

Swatpro cares about the environment and our sustainability policy promotes our values to staff and external stakeholders. Wherever possible, we support local suppliers to reduce transport and carbon costs, we use video conferencing appropriately to reduce journeys and limit the amount of paper that we use.

Swatpro staff work alongside other training providers, local authorities and organisations in a bid to create a sustainable delivery scheme as part of the Local Skills Improvement Fund initiative. This project aims to provide a framework for local ‘green skills’ delivery.

Equal Opportunity

We are committed to embracing diversity and actively promote an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, or socioeconomic status.

Swatpro is dedicated to providing apprenticeships to those new to a sector as well as to those who are looking to progress their careers, through appropriate upskilling and relevant qualifications. This includes supporting those from disadvantaged and minority groups, and disabled individuals, to move into paid / higher paid work.


We take our role in safeguarding and promoting British Values seriously, working with the appropriate agencies when required to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our learners.

Our learners, and staff, benefit from learning modules on our own dedicated e-learning platform, which are made freely available to them. These targeted modules cover areas from health and safety to mental wellbeing, and from improving confidence to managing stress.