Why work with us?

We are a professional network of experienced, fully accredited training organisations. While we are based in the South-West of England, we provide our services across the UK.

But why would you come to us when there are many providers advertising their courses and services?

We are not only experienced professionals - combining our specialisms - in the training business, but we have trained many thousands of professionals: People who are now enjoying good careers and making a difference in many different sectors of the economy.

We are trusted and have won praise from Ofsted. We deliver consistently high results for apprenticeships.

Our Swatpro partners have worked with hundreds of different employers and our diverse organisation gives us an edge to scale up or provide niche areas of expertise. This training ranges from basic job skills suitable for multiple learners, to highly targeted tuition in particular specialisms.

Our partners adhere to strict standards and have many years of experience in training provision – which is why many branches of national and local government have chosen to work with us.

For the individual seeking the next move up on the job ladder – or perhaps taking that first step – our comprehensive service gives real skills, real accreditation to match real opportunities.

The world of training has changed dramatically recently, with the Apprenticeship Levy joining the earlier Traineeship scheme and other policy initiatives.

With Swatpro, change need not mean a headache.

Our approach is to work closely with employers, so they can make the most of what is out there, and - whether they are paying the Levy or not - get the best value for money in training new or existing staff and apprentices.

We know the training legislation can read like something of a foreign language to busy employers – but we have the translation.

Swatpro partners pride themselves on their flexible, customer-friendly approach, so we always look to take the burden off you and deal with red tape and box-ticking requirements – so employers can get on with running you their business.

Experience has told us that a good training partner is a good listener, so why not get in touch with Swatpro today to discuss your training needs. We have the skill to give you the skills you want.