Consultancy Support

Embedding apprenticeships

Swatpro can offer consultancy to support employers to make the necessary changes to embed apprenticeships within their staffing structure.

If you have a “levy pot” or if you do not, you may need information, advice and even guidance to embed apprenticeships within the business. From taking on one person, to re-evaluating all jobs to align to the apprenticeship standards so that the whole organisation can benefit from apprenticeships and the “levy pot” can re-invested within the business. We can work with you.

If you have any question, it is worth asking so please contact us.

Fledgling Training Providers

We also offer support to training organisation which are starting out. We have a tried and tested bespoke consultancy package to support businesses as they start their pathway to delivering training. We offer specialist support to help you decide if this pathway is the right one. In addition, we also offer you the consideration of becoming a member of Swatpro, and together we see if this is the right option for all involved.