Support for the Unemployed


Gain personal confidence and experience of work with a TRAINEESHIP

If you are aged between 16-24 only and you do not have your A2’s then you can apply for a traineeship.

If you don’t quite feel ready for an apprenticeship or a job; or you have tried for an apprenticeship but haven’t been successful yet, then a traineeship could really help you.

A traineeship will offer you work experience, will continue to develop your English and maths skills, whilst preparing for the world of work. If you need confidence or a chance to explore different sectors before choosing your apprenticeship or a job, then the traineeship will certainly help. They will help you understand the job, what it feels like to do the job and gives you the best chance of demonstrating to employers your commitment to work, your work ethic and to gain understanding of the job in preparation of a job interview.

We have traineeships to help you:

  • Access work in the NHS
  • Access work in the construction sector

If you are interested in a traineeship, please contact us

Employability courses

Prepare yourself for work with an Employability course.

These courses are available to people aged 19 and over.

Everyone deserves an equal chance of getting work. These courses will give you a better understanding of the world of work to give you the best chance to get a job or an apprenticeship.

These courses will highlight to you your positive and negative personal qualities and behaviours. It is important to have this self-awareness because the people who interview you will look at these qualities and how you behave and make their own perception of you. This could be right or wrong, but it doesn’t matter, because in that instant they have a view on whether you will be the right fit for their apprenticeship or job.

Along with this fantastic insight, these courses also ensure you are using the most modern ways of applying for work; and that your CV is eye catching and memorable and that you are prepared for any interview. If necessary, we offer support and guidance on how to disclose criminal offences or health conditions.

The course also prepares you for what to expect after the interview including preparing to come off benefits (if applicable) and to budget from a wage.

The course will also continue to build on English, math and IT skills.

You will come away from these courses more confident to apply for a job, and apprenticeship or enrol for further training.

We have employability courses to help you:

  • Join the NHS
  • Gain the knowledge to sit the CSCS test. You will be taught the C&G L1 award in H&S in a construction environment. Once this has been achieved, then you can apply to sit the CSCS test.
  • Employer specific courses, which covers not only the employability skills, but a short period of work experience and the guarantee of an interview. These courses are offered when employers request them.

If you are interested in an employability course, please contact us.

Courses in Construction that may be funded.

C&G L1 award in H&S in a construction environment and CSCS

4 day Tiling

4 day Plastering

4 day bricklaying

4 day Carpentry

4 day plumbing

C&G L2 diploma in brick

C&G L3 diploma in brick

Forces L3 Bricklaying

NVQ L2 Trowel Occupations

NVQ L3 Trowel Occupations

C&G L2 site carpentry diploma

C&G L3 site carpentry diploma

NVQ L2 Wood occupations

NVQ L3 Wood occupations

Forces L3 Carpentry

NVQ L3 Occupational work supervision

NVQ L4 Construction site supervisor

5 week property maintenance and development

Level 3 Certificate in Building Installation and Property Maintenance

NVQ L2 Maintenance Operations

NVQ L2 Wall and Floor Tiling

NVQ/Diploma L3 Plumbing and Heating

NVQ/Diploma L2 Plumbing

NVQ L2 Plastering